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      I think you may have been a bit sore on Sarah Adeline McCandless and her book. When I get some time I will go into more detail. I cannot vouch for the first half of the book on the history of the McCandless name but regarding the second part which covers the McCandless families in Ulster and later the US she is remarkably accurate. There are a few mistakes but mostly minor. I actually have her personal copy of the book which also contains a lot of additional handwritten notes on descendants. I also have a copy of Arthur’s Rest which was written by one of the McCandless girls.

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      Unlike C. E. McCandless (who changed names, merged or omitted generations in some family lines, etc.), I think S.A. McCandless did a remarkable job on her own genealogy. What concerns me (as outlined on the “Unverified Claims” page) are the number of very bold claims (Highlands origin, a chieftainship, major landholdings, particular clan connections, a castle that went into Chancery ca. 1890s, a Gen. McCandless in PA, etc.) for which there is no evidence yet outside of S. A. McCandless’s own assertions. I think her claims (aside from the outright wrong linguistic ones) should not be dismissed out of hand, but subjected to some future research. I would really like them to be proven correct. (One of the reasons I think a family association is needed is to organize and fundraise for a genealogical/historical fact-finding trip. In 30+ years, I have not gotten any closer to verifying’s S.A. McCandless’s ideas; it’s probably going to take boots on the ground in Scotland.)

      Arthur’s Rest: Could you please provide the full publication details? I’d love to be able to add the author to the “Notables” page.

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        Peter, thanks for the details (via the Contact form) about the Arthur book. I’ve added an entry to the “Notables” page for Margaret Ann McCandless (Fulton), after some additional digging around about the book. Also updated the “Unverified Claims” page with info about your visit confirming some of S.A.McC.’s genealogical and residential info in N. Irl.

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