At Long Last!

I’ve had this website in mind for about 20 years, and finally got around to it. While I used to have some pages up (at my work website in the 1990s) that covered a little of the material, this is the first time that there’s been a whole website devoted to the subject, including the tartans, the heraldry (more images coming soon), and the history and variants of the name. Later this month I should have a forum up as well, so people can talk about genealogy, where to get kilts, etc.

2022 is incidentally the 30th anniversary of the McCandlish/McCandless tartan.

Welcome to the Cuindlis Families website, and may it serve you well!

By Stanton McCandlish site admnistrator and principal writer/researcher. I am an IT consultant, book author, and genealogist, based in Oakland, California.


  1. This is a wealth of information…as a child I was told I was scottish and had family in isle of mann…so far I’ve been able to trace to John Candlish the glass maker. I think somehow there is a relation with John and the reverend Robert Candlish. I did find that Robert’s dad died early after his birth and went from James McCandlish to Candlish. I’m sort of stalled at this point but thank you!!! I think the father of James qwas names James as well and was friends with Robert Burns.

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